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Day in the Life of Dennis Day (The Dennis Day Show)
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A Day in the Life of Dennis Day

A Day in the Life of Dennis Day, aka The Dennis Day Show, was a comedy series broadcast from 1946 to 1951 on NBC. A talented singer and actor, Day made his first radio appearance on Jack Benny's program as a boy singer. Day remained on Benny's radio and television programs until Benny's death in 1974.

There are 56 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Dennis Writes a Radio Script November 14, 1946
Masquerade Ball October 3, 1946
Sing for the King December 25, 1946
Dennis Runs for Mayor September 3, 1947
The Railroad Property September 24, 1947
Ladies Aid Meeting January 1, 1947
Drama Critic August 27, 1947
Amnesia January 22, 1947
Dennis and the Other Woman February 12, 1947
True Life Article April 23, 1947
Asks for a Raise and is Let Go February 26, 1947
President of the Ladies Club December 17, 1947
The Bank Loan December 10, 1947
Mistaken for a Bank Robber December 3, 1947
Selling Insurancs October 22, 1947
Mrs Anderson Opens a Dress Shop October 15, 1947
Support for a New Jail October 1, 1947
The Marriage Counselor April 16, 1947
Miss Courtneys Romance April 9, 1947
The Burnside House March 26, 1947
The Photographer March 19, 1947
Mistaken for a Bank Robber March 5, 1947
Room for the New Boarder September 25, 1948
Out On the Town September 18, 1948
The Land Grab March 24, 1948

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